Summer fashion, even at work, is all about achieving that perfect laid-back look without appearing too casual. The term “work casual” usually involves striking the right balance between casual pieces of attire and combining them into a look that is stylish and professionally casual.

If you ask us, we’d suggest you keep a decent collection of dark-wash jeans, formal-looking blazers, t-shirts, and professional tops in your wardrobe to put together looks that are classy and comfortable at the same time.

To help you achieve that “all-envy” look, here’s a bunch of work casual clothing tips to follow:

It’s Ok to Bare Some Skin

In a state as hot as Texas, it is okay to go sleeveless at the workplace during summer. A sleeveless top with a pair of dark-colored jeans works great. In case you’re opting for a sleeveless dress, make sure the hemline is at or below the knees to keep it acceptable for the work environment. When wearing a sleeveless attire to work, always carry a blazer for those unexpected meetings that might come up.

Too Much Skin? Don’t Think So!

Plunging necklines, short hems, and bare backs might be extremely tempting for days when the temperatures are hitting max – but they just don’t work for “work casual”. Remember, it is imperative to keep it decent. There are other ways to beat the heat, like opting for lighter fabrics – check out this vintage look Lone Prairie Tank with a decent neckline – or using this Otomi Shirt to cover up indecent necklines and backs at work.   

Don’t Go Too Bold

Sometimes, the beiges and browns get too boring and you want to express yourself with a pop of vibrant hues. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, if you’re going head-to-toe in fluorescent or vibrant colors, it may not be as pleasing to the eyes of those around you. Balance your outfits. Choose safer colors – that are bright but not over-the-top, like this Squash Blossom Tank, or go for a printed top or dress. You can even add color to your ensemble with a bright lipstick or accessories.  

Pick the Right Pair of Lowers

The idea is to keep your outfit casual and professional at the same time. It is a difficult balance to achieve, but it’s not entirely impossible. With a casual look at work, you can obviously afford to ditch the dress pants and skirts for something far more comfortable – a pair of jeans, of course – but they shouldn’t be stressed or torn. Also, it’s better to go for darker denim colors to give a more sophisticated look.

Alternatively, you can even go for faux leather pants – even the cropped ones would do as long as you’re balancing the look with carefully chosen tops to go with them.

The key to win at the “work casual” look is to pick lighter fabrics like linens and cottons, in cool colors like, khakis and creams that keep your look casual yet sophisticated. At Cowboy’s Wife, we bring you an exciting range of casual-chic clothing that is the perfect definition of laidback summer style.

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