Whether one loves them or loathes them, leopard cheetah prints are never going out of style. They are a staple that keeps on surprising us with the many variations, colors and designs.  There are seasons when we see them more vividly on our coats, leggings and shoes and then there are times when they make a brief appearance, still wooing us away with its diversification. Big prints or small –they never go out.  

They have paved their way in every woman’s wardrobe, either in the form of blazers, dresses, tops, bags or shoes. When worn, they entice the same kind of sexy look a red lipstick does. Just an additional piece in animal print can amp up even the gloomiest of pieces. One of the biggest perks of wearing animal prints is that they have a universal charm. It doesn’t matter if you are short, petite or curvy, it is going to make your look good and that is it.

Animal prints are an unusual fusion of alluring, wild and exciting. At the same time, they are very earthy, natural –looking and are a much better alternative to wearing actual animal’s skin as overcoats mufflers or dresses. With so much to offer, it is perfect for both street look and that one carries in savannah. It looks very causal yet exotic at the same time. What to call it then but an enigma?

It is because of its characteristics that it was one of the most hyped trends in the spring 2017 fashion shows. Targeting millennials, many designers incorporated animal prints with a twist in their collections. We saw many crawling snakes, waylaying leopard as prints, even animals like growling bears, quaking ducks and other animals showing off on the runway.

The biggest surprise: the incorporation of them in everyday wear was unique, the “never been done before” kind of incorporation. This itself is a testament that we can expect newer things from the same prints that were there a decade ago to.

It all comes down to the mind of the designer and what he/she wishes to do with it next!

As followers of that fashion, we must wear them with class as animal prints have always been associated with the wealthy and chic ladies. They are a hit in falls and winters in particular as showcased in the collection by Prada, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. We can all hope to see more variants of it in the upcoming fall and winter collections.

For those thinking it might be time for it to retire from the runways must know that if it has stood against the test of time, it will continue to do so in the next the years too.