A woman’s wardrobe is unarguably one of her most prized possessions. And what does she love more than basking in the haven of tops and bottoms stored inside it? Nothing, right! So hear us out damsels, do not distress and open up your closet to mark the top 8 pieces of unique apparel for the well dressed lady inside you.

The Cowboy’s Wife has got you covered even if you’re missing out on any of these trends!

1. Animal Print

The sleeveless leopard top with red roses available for just $30.00 at the Cowboy’s Wife is a must have for that girl’s night out. Animal prints are forever a style statement so embrace your feline side with this glamorous piece.

2. A Casual Shirt

Every woman needs a casual yet hip shirt for that particular day when you don’t want to dress up but still look like a fashionista. Much to your delight, the Cowboy’s wife has got you covered with an array of choices for this one. So go and scour their Double D ranch collection for some cool summer tops.

3. Timeless Stripes

Stripes never cease to please. Be it a dress or a top, stripes are mandatory in every woman’s closet. Available at the Cowboy’s Wife is this Black Shirt with Strips and pocket, give you that added oomph in just $20.00. Good luck finding one as good as this!  

4. Embroidery

Nothing brings out your feminine side like a beautiful embroidered top. Do you have one in your wardrobe? If not pounce on this Tie Dye top with embroidery and attend all your tea parties like a queen.  

5. Embrace the Lace

If elegance was a garment, it would be lace! Lace is a must have in every woman’s closet. We strongly advise you to adorn this beautiful white lace tunic/dress for any formal occasion.

6. White, White and White

Can you ever own too much white? Its summers and white is our chosen color, especially with a dash of another shade to really bring out the diva in you. As always, The Cowboy’s Wife never fails to surprise. You could pick out their cool white tank with squash blossom that has our vote for sure!

7. Leggings for the lass

Can you even imagine a closet without plain black leggings to go with every almost every outfit? Can you? Neither can we! So if you’re missing out on this essential piece, go and get your pair from The Cowboy’s Wife clothing store now.


8. Denim

Nothing makes a style statement like denim. And what’s even better is that it comes in the form of shirts, jackets, vests as well as jeans. So much variety to choose from! If your closet lacks our number 8 trend, scan The Cowboy’s Wife for their denim jeans, tops, and our personal favorite, their long denim vest.

Well ladies, without these essential clothing items, can a closet even be called complete? You do the math. And if that’s too much, simply click on the link to drool over the The Cowboy’s Wife’s gorgeous collection or email them at thecowboyswife3@gmail.com. Their plethora of wardrobe essentials has got to get your fashion buds tingling! Happy shopping!