Accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, and head pieces could be a woman’s best friend. We say “could be” because the greater part of how these accessories work out for you depends on how you wear them. Your choice of accessories actually has the power to make or break your look.

If done right, the same set of accessories can dress up, dress down, or add a touch of glam to your overall ensemble.

How? Let’s explore a few examples for that.

For the purpose of proving how accessories can actually “make” an outfit, let’s start with a plain look. Imagine a lady wearing a simple black tank top and with a pair of dark blue jeans. We will take the same look and accessorize it differently to see how the look changes when you simply change the accessories.

The Casual Look

For a casual look, add a pair of red sneakers to the look. Throw in a couple of big beaded bracelets – either both red, or maybe one red and one orange. Add a brown cross-body bag and a pair of shades. Fold the pair the jeans ankle high and you have the perfect casual laid back casual look. Whether you want to go out shopping or on a road trip – this look works great.

The Casual Chic

Want to add a bit of oomph to the same plain look, here’s what you can do. Pick out a blazer – any color you like – we’ll stick to white. You could even go for the otomi shirt with sleeves folded up to the elbows. Wear a pair of white high heel pumps. Put on a metallic gold wrist watch and this baby blue beaded layered necklace. Carry a faux leather satchel bag and viola!

The Boho

Put on a pair of t-strap sandals. Wear a crochet or suede-like fringed vest and a pair of round-rimmed sunglasses. Let your hair free with a boho headband around your forehead. Add a turquoise ring and a long chained multi-layered necklace with a chunky turquoise pendant and you’re all set. You can even hit Coachella with this look – or maybe replace the tank top with a crop top to make it more dramatic.

The Date Night Look

While you can totally pull off the casual chic look for a date night, we wanted to give you a little extra to try when experimenting with accessories. We love a pair of dangling earrings for a special night out. You might as well put a pair on – gold looks classy! To cover those arms, you could go for a short blazer – black, red, or white – that’s completely your choice. When picking out your peep-toe heels, match the color to your blazer or to your lipstick. A delicate bracelet on the wrist and a double layer chain necklace that ends just below the neckline would be the perfect finishing touches.

You see, accessories are important. From your shoes, to the bags and the jewelry – every single element adds to the overall look of your ensemble. There is so much you can do with the right set of accessories. Just be careful not to go over the top and you’ll be fine!