With trends changing by the minute, our closet items continue to expire within days. Every fashion fad comes in and goes out like a light, leaving our budgets tight with the amount of money we lovingly spent on these clothes. Is there anything constant in this revolving world of trends? Yes!

We have chalked below 5 timeless fashion trends that never fail to impress!

1. Animal Print

Edgy and exquisite, animal print can never be boring! No matter how many trends have come and gone, animal print is still one of the most worn prints everywhere!

This beautiful Sleeveless Leopard Top with Red Roses at the Cowboy’s wife is a fine example of classy animal print clothing, with a splash of red to create the most unique apparel for the well dressed lady in you.

We also had our sights set on this stunning leopard print sundress with spaghetti straps to make for a timeless piece you can indulge in as this trend is not ready to perish anytime soon!  

2. Stripes

Nothing spells out classy like black and white stripes. This monochrome combination has always been the latest fad, with good reason! This innovative Black Shirt with Strips and Pocket stocked at The Cowboy's Wife could make the perfect top to adorn with white pants. We love the stripes on the sleeves, bringing a fun twist to the time old trend!

3. Denim

Funky yet practical, denim has been a constant in the fashion world. Given its versatility, denim could be paired with a myriad of options, so you can never have enough of this trend! Designers have now incorporated denim shirts and vests along with standard denim jeans that open up a world of styling opportunities for fashion mongers!

This denim and fringe vest at the cowboy’s wife is a pleasant innovation in the denim world. Made to be worn over a blouse or alone, this denim vest is super hot!

A more formal option than the last, this long denim vest in store is an eye catching piece! Worn over a dress or a blouse and jeans, it could spice up any outfit. We suggest you in indulge in at least one of these pieces as denim is here to stay!

4. Floral

Feminine and understated, floral prints look pretty worn any way. You have got to have at least a few options stored in your closet to be styled in a different way every time!

You can adorn this floral top with jeans to make a simple style statement.

Or go all out with this floral mini dress to make your feminine side shine bright like a diamond!

5. Lace

Lace is the epitome of grace. A simple lace outfit paired with the right jewels can make you stand out in the crowd. An age old trend, it has withstood the test of time due to the sheer beauty it brings to a dull outfit. This pearly white lace tunic/dress at the cowboy’s wife is elegant enough to adorn anytime, anywhere!

With the above clothing items stocked in your closet, never again worry about being outdated. Splurge in the collection at the Cowboy’s wife as these trends will never go out of style!